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Meet The FounderWith 20+ Years of Experience

Tiffany Anderson your favorite natural hair Trichologist and founder of Mufuta, and natural hair children’s book series. She is also the author of the bestselling book Hair Therapy.

Anderson has been educating and inspiring women for two decades on hair care and how to grow their hair. Her hair products has given proven results on her growth and hair restoration.

Anderson is a California native and mother of four. She has been working in the beauty industry for over two decades specializing in natural hair care. Anderson is a certified Natural Hair Trichologist who has surpassed her peers by creating literature that teaches you how to care for your hair and a hair product line.

She has established international fame by creating a natural hair children’s book series that inspires kids to love their tresses as well. Her unique children’s books are accompanied by a coloring activity book that further encourages kids how to maintain their hair. Andersons books are bilingual and comes in several languages Spanish, French and Swahili. Her entrepreneurial tenacity has given her global success as she continues to mentor individuals on their journey to greatness.


Mufuta is a natural hair care product line that specializes in hair and scalp disorders from alopecia to male and female pattern baldness. The founder and curator is your favorite Trichologist Tiffany Anderson. Anderson has been a key factor in the beauty industry changing the way we care for our hair for over two decades. Her passion derives from personal experiences she has witnessed as a Trichologist. Her product  has been proven to combat these disorders and continues to be the leading breakthrough for hair and scalp conditions.

Tiffany Anderson | CEO & Founder
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