Our Classes

We offer classes for the Hair Care Professionals and classes that are open to the public.

At Tiffany’s Natural Hair Care we offer a full range of natural hairstyle techniques and love sharing these techniques with both professionals and laymen. We offer hands-on learning techniques to ensure your full comprehension and mastery of our classes. Register today and be on your way to increasing your natural hair care knowledge, know-how and potentially revenue. 

Classes for professionals
Tiffany's Natural understands that classes come a dime a dozen. It is important to create a curriculum that will adhere to the professionals skill level as well as broaden your learning spectrum. These classes will go above and beyond to challenge your comfort zone and renew your respect for education.

Traditional locs are very important in a natural world. It is necessary that todays loctician is aware of the techniques that will build, brand and enhance their profit margin. Once you have the knowldege and education that comes with the course you will be able to help prevent the mistakes of a novice.

​Technique training is recommended if you have multiple loc-ticians.

Textured Weaves
Weaves, can't live with them, can't live without them. Since we will not live without them lets learn how to do them. Tiffany's Natural offers technique training in the efficient way to apply a full head, partial, and closure weave that will prevent breakage and thinning to the clients natural hair.

Straw Sets
Tiffany's will invite you to challenge yourself in learning how to accomplish the feat of straw setting. If you can master a straw set you are on your way to succeeding as a natural hair care stylist.

Classes for public
After years of perms, relaxers and a plethora of chemical treatments, transitioning your hair back to its natural state can be "an experience" to say the least. At Tiffany's Natural we teach simple at home technique for conditioning, styling, and overall care for you and your family's crown and glory.

Transitions 101
​When you are transitioning your hair from chemicals to natural it can become a discouraging battle instead of a welcoming journey. You have so much to think about. How am I going to wear my hair? Is it going to be manageable? Without the resources as to what to do or where to turn it can seem hopeless. Transition 101 gives you an alternative to your fears. This course will guide you towards the steps you will need to take in embracing your natural texture.

Learn the basics of:

  • Natural Hair Care
  • Daily Maintenance
  • 3 – step techniques
  • What product work for your curl pattern

Learn how to effectively apply cornrows to you or your childs hair. Learn that its not in the tension but in the technique. Once you learn the correct method to cornrow you will prevent, breakage, thinning and promote healthy hair growth.

Caring for your child's natural hair
Caring for child’s hair can seem tedious and tiresome. Yes, we would like our child’s hair to be healthy, manageable, and long but at times we are at a lost on how to achieve it. In order to make sure your child’s hair is receiving the full benefits to promote growth, you first have to know where to begin. This course will encompass the basics you will need to successfully promote healthy hair maintenance for you and your child’s needs