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Tiffany assesses the past and present haircare behavior that has caused damage to the hair and has prevented the hair from growing. Our process is simple consult the situation, determine the problem and promote growth.

Trichology services

Studio founder and trained Trichologist, Tiffany Anderson, is most passionate about the health and well being of each client’s hair and scalp. As a provider of non-medical remedies, Tiffany Anderson works with each client to develop  a specialized treatment plan to promote restoration, growth, and overall healthy hair. What is Trichology Trichology is study of the scalp, hair and various problems that occur with poor treatment, stress, and human physiology such as the numerous types of hair loss, baldness, scaling problems that occur, and the non-medical treatment of these maladies. During your initial consultation, we first work to determine the problem. Deeper analysis of the hair or skin may be necessary to help the trichologist determine the cause of the problem and the best way to treat it. Once the cause is established, the trichologist will decide:
  • If your problem requires treatment and, if so, what treatment would be most beneficial.
  • If your problem is such that referral to a medical doctor is necessary.
Trichology Services include:
  • Scalp Review w/ Digital Scalp Camera to review hair follicles and scalp health
  • Scalp Therapy Mask
  • Visit Synopsis
  • Standard Salon Service
Trichology services are offered in 3 month packages to to aggressively stimulate and promote hair growth and re-growth.

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